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Derry & District Youth League


Friday 16/9U11 Cup TOTHCvTristarStBrecans6.30pm Saturday 17/9 U13 LeagueFoyle HarpsvEglintonD/F 2 11:00am U13 Cup Trojans  v Ballymoor Oakland 11:00am U13 League OxfordvNewbuildings Barra11:00am Sunday 18/9  U12 League Ballymoor v Don Bosco'sD/F 211:00am U11 League Brightstars v Trojans Barra 11:00am U12 League Sionv Foyle Harps Sion11:00am U13 Cup TOTHC  v Tristar St Brecans11:00am U14 League Culmore  v SionCulmore 2:00pm Monday 19/9 U11 Cup Sion v Newbuildings Sion 6.15pm Tuesday 20/9 U11 League Ballymoor v CulmoreD/F6.15pm Wednesday 21/9U13 Cup BallymoorvTrojansStadium 6.15pmU13 League Oxford v Tristar Lisnagelvin 4 6.15pm U12 LeagueTOTHC v Sion St Brecans 6.15pm Thursday 22/9  U11 League Newbuildings v Tristar Newbuildings 6.15pm U11 League SionvTOTHC Sion6.15pm U12 League Trojans v Foyle Harps Oakland 6.15pm U12 League Culmore v Ballymoor Culmore 6.15pm U12 League Don Bosco'svTristar Barra 6.15pm U14 League Eglinton  v TOTHC Eglinton6.15pm U14 LeagueBallymoorvTristarD/f 2 6.15pm


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